S75 – Book

Roma Publications #434
Design Hans Gremmen
224 pages + poster
27×32 cm + 87×70 cm

S75 is a project named after the Siemens S75, a mobile phone that was launched in 2005. It was my first phone which featured an integrated camera, with a maximum resolution of 1280 × 960 pixels. All the portraits appearing in this series were photographed using the S75 between 2006 and 2022 in Amsterdam, Banff, and Shanghai.


Rongwrong – Presentation ‘On Gestures of Doing Nothing’

Collaboration with Sander Breure, Witte van Hulzen and Arnisa Zeqo.

Small exhibition on the occasion of the bookpresentation of On Gestures of Doing Nothing at Rongwrong – Space for Art an Theory – in Amsterdam.

On Gestures of Doing Nothing / Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen, Roma Publication 369

‘On Gestures of Doing Nothing’ documents a performance staged by Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen that took place over the cours of several days in their exhibition ‘The Floor is Lava’ in Marres in Maastricht. It consisted of eleven performers presenting a series of gestures. The performance – along with the exhibition itself – was […]



Series conducted as part of OMNE Osservatorio Mobile Nord Est, residency and exhibition program, curated by Massimo Sordi and Stefania Rossi. Castelfranco Veneto, Italy.

Published in Catalogue WORK

F.E.R.V.E.T., an acronym for Fabbricazione E Riparazione Vagoni E Tramway (Manufacturing and Repairing Wagons and Tramways), was a railway manufacturing company established in Bergamo in 1907. Activity in the Castelfranco Veneto plant started the following year, with orders for the repair, overhaul, modernization and conversion of train wagons and railway carriages. During the 90’s crisis, […]



Exhibition and leaflet Construzione – Ricostruzione – Ristrutturazione – Riparzione – Revisione

4 projector slide installation divided over 4 tower floors, sound.

OMNE Osservatorio Mobile Nord Est,
Torre Civica, Castelfranco Veneto, Italy


Each projection contains several chapters derived from the immense F.E.R.V.E.T archive with documents from 1907 till 2011, photographic images varying from burnt-out wrecks, overhauled wagons, daily life at the factory, staff parties, the archives themselves e.g.. Accompanied is a sound work, where the owner of the local ‘dopo lavoro’ bar (translated ‘after work’) situated next […]


The Spectators

Project in process
Residency by CALAMITA/Á – curated by Gianpaolo Arena and Marina Caneve.
Published in ‘The Walking Mountain’

In October 9th, 1963, almost 2000 people died in the Vajont catastrophe, due to a landslide followed by the dam flooding. Inhabitants of Erto e Casso, small settlements overlooking the Vajont lake, watched the tragedy happen in front of them. Although mostly unharmed, authorities forced them to evacuate the area day after the tragedy, making […]


The State I am In

Kunsträume Horbach Stiftung, Cologne (DE)
Exhibition curated by Oliver Sieber and Katja Stuke

Interview with the curators

‘Ramya’ was commenced in 2002, when the photographer moved into Ramya’s house and used the camera as a means of communication. The the long-term project was resumed and completed after Rayma’s death in 2014, when Ramya’s private archive took Stavast to the remains of a former commune set by followers of the Bhagwan (Osho) in […]


Mastering Relationships

Two channel video, digitalized from VHS original (portraits) + HD video (folder), sound, 20:10 min.



Mastering Relationships

Two channel video, digitalized from VHS original (portraits) + HD video (folder), sound, 20:10 min.

Sarah S75

Offsetprint on newspaper stock
87 x 70 cm
Edition of 200
Framed under acid-free conditions with 92% UV coated glass
91 x 73 x 3 cm
Edition of 10 + 1 a.p.


Exhibition at Marres
Maastricht, NL
June – July 2015


Ramya – Book

Roma Publications #232
Design Hans Gremmen
242 pages
17×24 cm

Libero – Book

Roma Publications #129
Design Hans Gremmen
200 pages
18×24 cm
(sold out)